1. The selection should be from literature, either as a single piece, a cutting, or a series of short pieces, united by theme or by author.  Total allotted time: 6 minutes.

  2. Literature includes all forms of prose or poetry, fiction or non- fiction, EXCEPT plays and oratorical compositions written to be delivered in real life situations.

  3. The selection must be read from a manuscript, and among those listed in the Golden Florins ONLY.

  4. No props of any kind are allowed.

  5. A reasonable balance of eye contact with the script and audience should be maintained.

  6. The reader should allow the scene presented to be formed in the minds of the audience, instead of trying to locate it on the platform, or to put himself in it.

  7. The reader should not exhibit himself, but the literature being read.

  8. He/She should present a unified scene or story to the listener’s imagination.

  9. Since this is to be a reading, the contestant must choose a manuscript.  Platform movement should not occur.

  10. The action should be described or suggested rather than pantomimed.

  11. The reader should avoid overt activity.  If used, gestures should be suitable to a reading, not a stage performance.

  12. Each reader should remember to enjoy themselves while reading.  If done correctly it may add to the presentation.